Date on .docx is different then the date in PDF file (same document)

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We have problems with some documents. We are using the application OpenWave. In the program we use OnlyOffice to make our documents. When we make a template we open the template en save/close after the necessary changes. Then we make the document a PDF file. But when we open the PDF file, the date in the document (automatic on) is changing to another date then the .docx. The weird thing is that it’s only on a few templates ‘Ontvangstbevestiging’. So the docx document says the date ‘16 oktober 2023’ but when the docx will be a PDF the date change to ‘11 oktober 2023’.

Hello @Applicatiebeheer

First of all, specify version of Document Server that you are using.

Also, if the problem with date change occurs after saving DOCX template as PDF, then I’d ask you to provide a test DOCX document so we can reproduce the issue and analyze it.


I want to upload the document, but new users can not upload attachments. How do you want to get the document?

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But the version of Onlyoffice:

Please note that this is outdated and unsupported version. Try updating your instance to the actual version 7.5 and checking the issue again.
All updating guides are available in our Help Center under Updating section: