Date formatting issue on spreadsheets in Hungarian

Report Bug.

The Hungarian date format does not work.
It works fine in other languages.

Képernyőkép 2024-02-19 220808

Thanks for your work!

Hey @SzatocsHUN :wave:
Can I ask you to provide a file and attach a script for reproduction?

If it’s convenient for you, you can simply record a video demonstrating the issue, upload it to a third-party storage, and provide a link in a private message or in this topic.

Hi @Nikolas :wave:

I apologize for the watermark in the video.
That would be my problem…
Thanks for the help.

This Date bug video and test file.

@SzatocsHUN :wave:
Can you provide access?

It’s been a really busy week, I didn’t have time to message you earlier, sorry about that.

Hi @Nikolas !
Of course! I made it fully available.

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As soon as I get information about the issue, I will notify you!

We’ve reported a bug for this behavior.

Thank you for taking the time to create the topic!