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Date field - add one day in next row

Onlyoffice Version: (Windows Desktop x64) - Spreadsheet

In Excel I could add one day to a date field by the formula [date field] +1
This does not seem to work the same way in OnlyOffice, but I’m pretty sure there is an equivalent replacement for this.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it straight away in the documentation.
Are there any hints from the community?

Hello @tomotello

I have tested the provided scenario and it seems to work.
I used few methods for the date insertion:

  • one with combination CTRL+; to paste current date into a cell (note that this way a date will be pasted in the date format according to the Region settings in the Advanced settings of the app);
  • another with manual date insertion.

So by entering formula like =A1+1 it does work:
2023-03-01 11-35-56

If I’m missing something please let me know.

Excellent, thanks a lot. In fact, the issue was that my Region settings in Advanced settings didn’t correspond to the format I’ve entered the date. Entered ‘01.03.2023’ in Swiss German format while the Region setting was to US. Changing the Region setting to Swiss German solved it.

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