Data retention / disappearing files

Is there a way to set up certain files to be deleted automatically after a certain time period or set a specific “destruction date”?

If not, I’d like to request this feature :slight_smile:


Hello, @alexsapps :handshake:

In OnlyOffice Workspace, there is a feature that allows you to set a time for trash cleanup. However, to utilize this feature, files must first be deleted. When a file is deleted, it still goes to the trash, where it remains for the specified period before being permanently removed.

  • Could you please provide more details about the specific scenario you have in mind for using this feature?

  • Additionally, it would be helpful if you could offer a few examples of how you envision using it.

Hi Nikolas,

We’re an activist organization and we use documents to organize protests and investigations. After an event, most related data is no longer useful but it could be a legal liability. We might be prosecuted by the government or targeted by the industries we want to reform if our data is subpoenaed or stolen/hacked.

So we might want to set a folder related to a protest to schedule itself for deletion on the day after the protest. Or we might want some temporary meeting notes to auto delete 3 days after the document’s creation, or 30 days after the last view/edit.

I’m not sure of the difference between your two questions but let me know if you’d like any more details.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hey Alexander

This is an interesting suggestion. We will consider it.

Of course, I cannot guarantee that it will be implemented in the product, but as soon as there is any information, I will keep you updated! :handshake:

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@alexsapps :wave:

We have registered your suggestion to add the option for scheduling the removal of a room/folder/document.

However, at the moment, we don’t have specific timelines for its release.

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