Data Format is not supported

I have a Onlyoffice installation on the latest version of Ubuntu running. Everything is working well as long as I am on my main hard disk. When I want to open a file on the other drive on my computer I get a error message “cannot open this file format”.
Can somebody help me?
Thank you

Hello kjbroome.

Are you talking about Desktop editors? If so, please let us know version of the app\Ubuntu version.

Also please reproduce the issue and make videofile or screenshots and what is test file format?

Hello Alexandre,
I was trying Onlyoffice on the latest Ubuntu version. Just installed last week. The problem was the second drive in my computer. Everything on the first drive in which I also have my Ubuntu installation was working fine. Now I installed the latest version of Linux Mint on the same computer and everything is working well. All data on the second drive can be edited by Onlyoffice. No problem anymore. But I just have it since yesterday. Anyway. Thank you for your reply.
Best regards

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