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Dark document (when on) doesn't show some words or sentences and highlights some sentences

I want to report two issues. It is about the option “dark document” in Document in OnlyOffice.

a. In one document, I have set the option “Dark Document”, but some words or sentences are missing when a “dark document” is on. I have named the screenshot “Light shown 1”, “Light shown 2”, “Dark hidden 1”, “dark hidden 2”, when the option is off, everything is normal, You will see that in the screenshot. I don’t know is this an issue or is this supposed to happen.

b. In the same document, when I turn the “dark document” on, some sentences are highlighted, when the option is off, everything is normal. I have named the screenshots “light theme no highlight words”, “dark theme highlight words”. I don’t know is this an issue or is this supposed to happen.

So, these two issues happen only in that document. I have checked other documents, to see will these issues happen in others, and it did not, everything was normal.

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors version (x64 exe package)

Edition: Windows 10 Pro, Version: 20H2

Unfortunately, I can’t post file attachments because of the following message that I get: “Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post”. I can only post one file, like it says in the message, but that one attachment won’t be enough.


Hello @nicesto
Please place all screenshots and mentioned file to any external storage and provide us with download link. We will check the situation.

I have another problem, when trying to post links here, I get a message: “Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post”.

I have increased your forum level, please try to do it one more time.

Here are the links for screenshots and a file.
Loading Google Docs,,,,,,

Hello @nicesto
Thank you for the file and screenshots, we are checking the situation.

Hello @nicesto
Thank you for pointing us to this situation. We have added your request to internal tracksystem (54479). We have started working on it.