Cut and paste rows in a spreadsheet in fewer steps

In Excel, to move a row, you select it, click cut, and then you can insert/paste it in one click.
In OO, you have to insert a blank row, cut the row, paste it in the new blank row, then delete the old empty row.
The OO method is very tedious if you have a lot of rows to move around.

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Hello Charles,
Thank you for the feedback, we are analysing this case, I will inform with updates here as soon as possible.

Hello again,
This a known issue for our developers, and registered as a bug with “46275” track number, we will fix it in one of our next updates.

Is there any update on this? This annoys me every day. Especially when I happen to add too few empty rows and accidentally overwrite data below it while pasting.

Hello @Keep4758

Unfortunately, there are no news on the issue yet available.