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ONLYOFFICE 7.0 released

Custom navigation icons

I would like to use the Custom Navigation feature, and I can add external sites without any problem, but I couldn’t add my custom icons to the links. The Item Settings window says the small icon is 16x16, and the large icon is 100x100, but it doesn’t say which format is accepted. I’ve tried to add png, svg and ico files with no success. Most of the time I’m getting the message: the image size exceed the allowed parameters. Does it needs to be exactly 100 pixels, or is this because of the file size?

Hello @Norbert
png and jpeg formats are supported. You can use files strictly in resolution 16 * 16px and 100*100px. If you have any issues with your files, please provide us with them, we will check them out.

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yes that did the trick, thank you!

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