Custom Multi-level lists

I see that one of the multi-level list options is:
Article I.
Section I.01

How can I add more custom options?

For example, I’d like to have:
A. Heading 1
A.1 Heading 2
A.1.1 Heading 3

Or any custom structure. MS Word includes this, and since you have a default “Article I” option, that suggests its possible.

Is there a config file where the “Article I” option is defined that I can go add? Is there a way to do it through the app?

This would be super useful for structuring documents.

Hello @S3Tesh

How can I add more custom options?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to achieve this scenario in Document editor at the moment.
We have the enhancement suggestion number 43143 registered in our internal tracker to add custom settings for numbered\bulleted\multilevel list functionality in future releases.
However, we do not have any estimated time frames of the release available yet.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Thank you for the reply.

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Hey @S3Tesh :hugs:
I am writing to inform you that we have already released a new version 7.4 of the Document Server and Desktop Editors.

  • Add advanced settings for numbered and multilevel lists (suggestion 43143)