Custom draw installation

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Document Server version: 8.0.0
Installation method: rpm package, in a custom Docker image
OS: RHEL9 (AlmaLinux 9)
Browser version: Brave 1.62.156

The new integration is great. But, is it possible to configure the plugin so it points on a custom, self hosted instance of draw ? I already run a draw instance, with a lot of custom shapes and fonts.


Hello @dani
We are checking this request, I will update this thread when we have something to share

Would you mind providing additional details on this scenario? How did you run instance and added custom fonts and shapes? Are you trying to use your own instance or some specific libraries from draw instance within Docs?

I’m trying to point on my own instance of draw, with some specific libraries loaded. Like I do for BookStack which also provides a draw integration. In BookStack config, I can set draw URL, and with this, I can specify my custom libraries, like


Thank you for the provided details, we are checking the situation.