Cursor Location Must Be on Document Question

I remember a setting somewhere that would require my cursor (mouse pointer) to be in/on/over the active document in order for me to edit it. Now I can’t find that option anywhere. Can you direct me to it?

Hello @Glsonn
Was the mentioned setting related to Desktop Editors? As far as I know, we don’t have setting for such behavior in Desktop Editors.

I thought it was, because that seems to be the only place where it applies. It’s on a Linux (Mint) machine though, so maybe it’s connected to the OS. I’ll have to keep looking. Thanks.

I may have been confusing this with a Linux setting that disables the touchpad when typing.

In any case, the situation described with OnlyOffice only happens under certain strange conditions which I think are related to Linux. So, there doesn’t seem to be a problem for OnlyOffice folks to worry about here.

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