Ctrl + shift + minus not working on french keyboard

Not sure I am in the right forum category as I am working in the web version of onlyoffice on firefox and chromium.
I can not use ctrl + shift + - . I asked some people to test it on their side, and it works for them.
We are working on the same server. The only difference seems to be that I am on a french keyboard layout.
Can it be the cause of my problem and is there a solution to this problem?
Thanks in advance for your answer

Hello @allon

Please specify what locale of the keyboard are you using? For example, French (France - AZERTY layout), French (Canadian, based on QWERTY), etc.

I use France Azerty layout.
I found a temporary solution for the moment by using the desktop version. This would not be perfect for collaboration but at the moment I need to change many data on my side, so this is ok.

Please elaborate on this. So on Desktop Editors the combination works properly, is that correct? Did you switch to another French keyboard layout?

UPD: we checked the combination via Key Checker and found out that the minus (-) key on English layout has code 189 which is missing on mentioned French (France - AZERTY) layout, hence, the combination Ctrl+⇧ Shift+- is not accessible on this layout.

We will add this information to the Help Center. Currently, as a workaround you can try using any other French layouts, e.g. Canadian.