Ctrl+K on image is not supported?

Is Ctrl+K on image not supported?
I just wish to insert a hyperlink on an image.

Please clarify.

Also ONLYOFFICE breaks image hyperlinks once you save! Have you noticed this?
Is this expected behaviour?

Hey @766

This feature is not available at the moment.

We are checking this situation
I will notify you as soon as there is a result.

… I did play around with this, as the issue sounded interesting.
I couldn’t get Ctrl-K to do anything constructive.

Then I tried selecting the image using a cursor drag. The selection allowed the place hyperlink option to be accessed, but it never actually placed a hyperlink.

But if I selected the image, including the trailing ‘end of paragraph marker’, even if not visible, then the hyperlink could be placed and would stick, even when I exported the document to a PDF, the link was still there in the PDF.

However; as soon as other edits were done to the document, the hyperlink on the image evaporated. :slightly_frowning_face:
I decided that it’s fragility was a lost cause.

Hello @DavidRGreen
If you don’t mind I will join this thread too.
Unfortunately, described situation with ‘image hyperlinks breaks\evaporating’ is expected behavior, because the editor doesn’t support it at the moment. But we are working on it already and I hope we will have something to share in the future.
Sorry for inconvenience.