Css for the "Save copy as" dialog renders the Save/Cancel buttons hidden in many cases

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Community Server version: ( deb )

When using OnlyOffice in computers with screen resolution of 1366x768 ( SD ) and probably other non-FullHD resolutions, the Save/Cancel button of Save copy as dialog are hidden below the limits of the screen.

When using chrome with bookmarks bar visible, the buttons are hidden, but hiding the bookmarks bar makes the button appear partially enough to click them.

Here’s a sequence ( all with screen resolution of 1366x768 ):

1.) Chrome with bookmarks bar visible:

2.) Chrome with bookmarks bar hidden:

Then, I started my investigation and found that removing
body #fileSelectorTree{height:450px}

rendered these results:

1.) Chrome with or without bookmarks bar visible:

BUT once you expand the destination folder structure enough for the overflow to become visible, the buttons disappear again:

This is a serious issue, as it is able to compromise any screen resolution in this case

The source file file of the css i changed above in CommunityServer repository might be this one:
lines 35-37:

body #fileSelectorTree {
    height: 450px;

Summary: This is a no-go for SD resolutions and might bite the end user in any other resolution.

And here’s some suggestions:
Another point is that IMHO, the form should accept ENTER as “Save action” - so, you can expand any level of subfolders and yet be able to save the file -
Let’s say I want to save TESTDOCUMENT.docx as OWTEST.docx, and OWTEST.docx already exists: shouldn’t OO behave like in a file Drag’N’Drop copy/move and ask wether I want to overwrite ( with version update ), save a copy or cancel?
Screenshot from 2023-06-30 11-11-55

Hey @msilveira

Thank you for the detailed information!
We reproduced these problems and added the bugs to our internal tracking system. We will try to fix bug in the next versions.

as a workaround, you can use CTRL+ mousewheel down in “folder for save” window

Do you mean the ability to use “enter” in the save window to save and the keyboard keys (←, →, ↑, ↓) to select folders?

The save logic allows you to save and create files with the same name. This behavior is correct.

I prefer to use my changed version of the css files for now :slight_smile:
But CTRL+ mousewheel down works if anyone else is interested.

I don’t see the ARROW KEYS as a “must have” feature. I just mean that the form with the FILENAME input dialog should accept ENTER (js onkeyUp or similar) as Save action ( the same action as clicking Save )

I might have not made my description clear. When I use “save as”, I’m not prompted with the “overwrite confirmation” dialog when a file with he same name I want to save already exists. In case it was clear, here’s my argument:

I’ll have to disagree on that, considering that in any desktop app, whenever you try to overwrite an existing file, using the “save as” action, the natural action is the system ask if you want to replace the file or enter an alternative name.
Ok, I know that the ability to create multiple files with the same name is a feature of this kind of “filesystem”, but it’s not natural for the end user and this could potentially lead the user to delete he wrong version of the duplicated file once he/she realizes there are two files with same name.
This behavior is SURELY confusing for newcomers.
My personal research with end users lean towards the usual filesystem overwrite confirm dialog as the desired behavior. ( Not just onlyoffice but any system with similar duplicate filenames feature )

:+1: Understood. I will add a suggestion)

We will consider this suggestion. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

So, @silveira

I’m not prompted with the “overwrite confirmation” dialog when a file with he same name I want to save already exists.

  1. (Add a default action on the “Enter button”)
    We reproduced these problems and added the suggestion to our internal tracking system.

  2. We have registered an enhancement suggestion to add an Overwrite Confirmation window when saving a file with the same name from the editor using “Save copy as.” in our internal tracking system.
    Thank you for your suggestions. :+1: