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CRM. Cannot search on custom fields?

ONLYOFFICE cloud: Business
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Browser version: Google Chrome

Hi All

In the CRM module I created custom fields in order to maintain specific customer information as part of the CRM master data.

I would like to use the search funktion on the crm contacts app and search for users where the custom field “XYZ” has the value of “123” for an example.

I could not find a way to search for the value of specific fields in the search box.

Is there another solution or not?

Kind regards!

Hello @bungee

Could you please provide us with exact request scenario? I just checked out search by custom field data and it works (add new field > create new company > fill out custom field > search new company by data which was set). Please see my test.

If I misunderstood your request, please provide us with details.