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Create automatically incremental number increase in documents

I would like to create a document that looks like the one below. It would automatically increases the number of each question. This would allow me to cut the “number” and paste it below in a new question, and it would automatically increase by 1. Moreover, it would keep track of the documents’ numbers so that when I cut and insert a new question after, say Question 1, the numbers for the subsequent Questions increase automatically. This comes in really handy for certain types of documents.

Question 1:
Do you know how to make an incremental number increase?
Question 2:
Do you know the color of the sky?
… (more of same) …
Question 493:
Do you know why there are butterflies?

OS version: Manjaro
App version:
Downloaded from: AUR

Hello @hxr
Could you please point us to the same feature in other editor if it persists?

Here are a few posts on the feature:

In MS Word, you can also just go to: Insert>QuickParts>Field>AutoNum.

Thank you for description. We have added information to suggestion 51441.
We have started working on it.