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ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

Create a custom color scheme in Document

Hi everybody,

I use Onlyoffice online on Nextcloud, the version is 7.5.8

I read the explanation about how to change the color scheme, and how to add a custom color.

But I would like to know if it’s possible to create a custom new color scheme.

Thank you,

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Hello @Anneso

Please refer to this official guide from our Help Center to find out how to change color scheme:

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask them here.

Hi @Constantine
Thank you for your answer.
Before writing my most here, I read this page on the help center. But it doesn’t answer to my question, that’s why I came on the forum.

I’m so sorry but I don’t understand when you say “ask theme here”.
Where is the “here” ? and who is the “them” ?

I meant to say that if you have any other questions you can ask these questions here on forum.

I’m very sorry for misunderstanding. I do believe you are talking about the way to add custom schemes in the Change color scheme list image. Am I right?

Hi :slight_smile:

Ok ! My english is not very fluent, I was not sure to have understand :slight_smile:

Yes that’s it. I have my own color scheme but I don’t know how to add it, or if it’s possible. I know that I could add each color in my own space. But we are 4 or 5 personne to use it , and maybe others people have to use it. So it will be easier if I could add this custom color scheme available for every one.

I am checking the situation.
I will update this thread once I have something to share.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello again @Anneso

Unfortunately, currently right now there is no way to add custom color schemes in our editors.
We have added your suggestion to add this feature in future releases into our internal tracker under the number 60975.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.