Could you support the model of restricted editing ?

I have a word file, and I set a password to protect my document that not allow edit.

But, in that model I also can use some ‘Field’ or ‘StructuredDocumentTag’ to allow a part of document be edited.

That is to say, this word, some area can be edited and some area cannot be edited.

Then, I upload this word to OnlyOffice Online Web, to be a Online Word.
In OnlyOffice edit page , this word can be edit every where!

can you support the model of restricted editing ?

Hello @luoweifeng
Could you please share example file where the situation is reproducible. Also let us know where this file was created originally and how you set up restrictions step-by-step.

Thank you for your help!


In this word , you can see only the content in ‘StructuredDocumentTag’ can be edited

Then , upload this word to OnlyOffice , you can edit anywhere…

the password for this file is ‘111’ , you can try protect and unprotect

Thank you for provided file.
We have checked the situation and we added information to internal tracksystem (internal number - 49287). We are working on it.

hi @Alexandre its me again :grimacing:
is there an update on this issue?

Hello @edlacer
I wish I’d had news on this bug. We’re still working on it. I will update this thread when we have any news.
Sorry for inconvenience.