Copy & paste of this large files are not working

We are trying to open a new xls file and copy & paste the content in the spreadsheet, the browser hangs and doesnt not create file.

Sample Test file=>

Sometime, It creates the file with content and further edits/open is not working fine.

Steps to reproduce:
Create new spreadsheet file.
Open the attached sample xls file.
Select All, Copy and paste it in the newly Processing: sample-xls-copy-paste.xls…
opened file. (<= in this step problem)
Save it & further edit. (<= This step will not come sometime…)

Hello @ovi1978,
Could you clear up a few things?

  1. Which document management system are you using with Docs?
  2. Do you open the XLS file in the same editor as the new XLSX document, or a different one?
  3. What is your current Document Server version?