Copy/Paste Images

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Install Method: Flatpak
OS: Ubuntu 18.04

When I try to copy/paste an image from the file manager into any document, it only pastes the filepath. I saw a thread from two years ago mentioning this but the most current flatpak seems to be missing this feature. I would greatly appreciate it if this was looked at and fixed.


Hello @Arkenbrien

Please provide the exact version of the product that you are using. Are you referring to Desktop Editors? Additionally, I’d ask you to record small video demonstration of the issue.

Sure thing. I’m using the Desktop Editor. I pulled the latest version off Flathub:

Thanks for the info.
I will check the information and once any news come up I’ll let you know.

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This issue is registered in our internal tracking system.
We are working on it getting fixed. Unfortunately, I cannot provide any ETA by now.