Converting portal to Https using self-signed certificate

Community Server/Control Panel version: 12.1.1194
Type of installation of Workspace (docker, deb/rpm, exe): exe
OS: Windows Server 2016
Browser version: Firefox 109.0 (64-bit)

I am trying to register the portal on https but it shows the message in control panel:

The possibility to switch the portal to HTTPS using the Control Panel is not available. You can still do that automatically with the help of certificate using the provided script, following the instructions here.

If you want to install your own security certificate, the instructions for that are available here.

My portal is currently on http://eoffice since my computer name is ‘eoffice’. It is also available on its ip address. My active directory domain is ‘

I am following this guide to convert this to https:

I tried all combinations, but nothing worked :

./letsencrypt.ps1 eoffice

Also note, the network is not connected to internet

This would make a CA signed certificate… Is there a way to make a self-signed certificate in our environment?

I figured it out…
To use a self-signed certificate, Just create one and then go to IIS Manager
Then to go the server name-> Sites-> ONLYOFFICE Server.
In the right pane, click on bindings and add a new binding with https protocol, Ip address of the server or the domain name and then the name of self-signed certificate.

Hello @OnlyOfficeTester

Glad to hear that you’ve managed to find the solution.