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Converting from docx to pdf removes the images

I’m running Document Server on Windows Server through IIS. The issue I’m facing is as follows: I allow the user to upload files, after which they can edit them. Doing so works perfectly well. If the file has images, they stay perfectly preserved, and the changes get correctly tracked. However, when we need to convert the file from docx to a pdf, the images get removed in the process.

We use third party software to achieve this conversion. I am presuming here that a docx is fundamentally the same no matter where it originates from, but please do correct me if I’m wrong with this assumption.

At any rate, i hope someone can shed some light on what could be the issue here. Thanks in advance!

After further investigation, it seems images are defined inside AlternateContent tags. Is there any way to circumvent this behavior?

Hello @TomR
Sorry for the late reply.
Do you use conversion API for file converting from docx to pdf?
Could you please provide us with step-by-step scenario and example of the file where we can reproduce the issue.
Also let us know your Document server version