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Conversion API From Txt escaping as HTML


Using the conversion API with txt files to any outputtype, creates a resulting file with input interpreted as HTML.

For Instance a text file containing

 < ' > <b> bold</b>

will output

&lt; &apos; &gt; &lt;b&gt; bold&lt;/b&gt;

Options used :

filetype = “txt”,
outputtype = “pdf”


Hello @humbol

Please try adding the file encoding parameter codePage to the conversion request body with corresponding encoding.

codePage - Defines the file encoding when converting from csv or txt format.

If the issue is still reproducible that way please provide version of Document Server and installation type (docker, DEB/RPM, exe).

I have the issues on version 7.3, either desktop or web version.
Just try open up a txt file with ampersand or html special characters(< & >, etc) and they will be escaped as if it was an html file instead

I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue.
I’ve created a TXT file and pasted your example there:

Desktop Editors 7.4 opened it without any issue:image

I just tried with the version 7.4 and it is working well, I guess it is just linked to 7.3.


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For sure it is. I’m glad to hear that it works now.