Connection to Workspace document server

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Hello, I have question about connecting to a workspace installation from outside service.
So, I have working installation of Workspace instance of onlyoffice on and I need the ability to connect to this instance from another service/sw(Filerun) running somewhere on internet to by abble to use document-server editing documents feature. I have JWT, but Im not abble to connect to this service on my domain:

OO running in docker:

How do I resolve this?


Hello @OnOoflrFice99
I believe that separate Document server integrated with Filerun is the best option. However, probably connecting Filerun as WebDAV folder to Workspace should work too:

If you still need to use Document server from Workspace in the Filerun integration, probably it’s better to contact colleagues of mine to discuss possible options: Get dedicated support

You are right, I already did that. Thx.

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