Connecting to Self-Hosted Instance

I installed OnlyOffice on my windows 10 machine. How do I connect to my self-hosted OnlyOffice server? I attempted the Connect to Cloud option and used the internal IP address where it’s hosted, but it errors, saying “Check the cloud office URL”.

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Hello @droidus

Do you mean Nextcloud server? Since the tag is Desktop Editors, I guess there is a typo.
If that is so then please visit this guide and check out Step 3 of it:

No, the server is a docker container.
When I follow those instructions, it errors out and says “Check the cloud office URL”.

While I don’t want to hijack your question @droidus I have the same problem. Specifically I ran the the docker image for ONLYOFFICE docs using

sudo docker run -i -t -d -p 80:80 --restart=always -e JWT_ENABLED=false onlyoffice/documentserver

and installed the desktop editors on the same machine. The ‘connect to cloud’ popup lets me specify ONLYOFFICE (or OwnCloud etc, and I picked ONLYOFFICE) and the url I put in was http://localhost:80/, which gives me the message Check the cloud office URL.
I suspect I need another service running such as ONLYOFFICE Groups. My goal at the moment is to just try it our on a local server to see if I want to run it in house, so I’m not interested in trying the cloud based options.
Also I’m running on Ubuntu, which should not be any different from your Windows behaviour but worth mentioning anyway.

I used these instructions to install an instance. It sets up docs as well as workspace, mysql and elastic search. The desktop apps won’t connect to it until you set up a domain name name and https certs but the browser will as long as you use your real IP address not localhost or If, like me, you are just exploring the functionality of the servers this is useful. However I suspect I really just want docs so my next step is to try out these instructions which install postgresql, rabbitmq and the document server. I’ll update when I’m done.

I did follow the second set of instructions and the services came up okay, but when I browse to them they give a page saying
To edit office documents and collaborate, integrate ONLYOFFICE Docs into your sync&share app.

I understand that to mean I need to set up Next Cloud or similar, again with a proper domain name and cert etc. So the best way to get a simple feel for this is to use these instructions (mentioned above) which will create a running local instance that I can try out via the browser interface. It does not accept connections from the desktop editors unless you find a way to configure HTTPS certs, which the desktop apps insist on.

Hello @droidus @RogerParkinson

You cannot integrate Desktop Editors with Document Server since it is not a DMS (Document Management System). The list of apps with which Desktop Editors can be connected is available here in the section ‘Connecting ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors to a Cloud’:

Actually, you can connect your Workspace or Groups to Desktop Editors. For it you have to specify IP address of the machine where Workspace or Groups are installed, i.e. address via which you can access your portal in browser.

Please note that you cannot use localhost or in Docker installation.