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Connecting SMB-folder to OnlyOffice


We have internal storage for different files (word, excel, pdf or else). For example, the IP address is or virtual disk N.

We have an access using SMB (standard Windows Explorer) to open folders and files.

Is it possible to integrate our internal storage to OnlyOffice:

  • we would like to open file using Only Office and SMB (Windows Word).

Now we’re looking for an alternative solution for Google Drive (to have all files inside our network).

Hello @Alexey
Unfortunately, there’s no ready-to-go solution. As independent integrator, you have to build your own integration. You can start with these titles:
They provide general information and some integration samples. The main point is that Document server is just an editor and you have to achieve the communication between your storage and Document server.

The other way is using ready-to-go integrations. For example, SharePoint or any others integrations.