Connect webdav to Project


I have been using Onlyoffice (self hosted) for a couple of days now and am very impressed.

My (also self hosted) Nextcloud is connected to my Documents section (and I also was able to connect it to the Common section).

But I am struggling to connect it to Projects: I would like to save project related files in my Nextcloud, too, but I don’t know how.

When I am in Projects and connect via webdav, it gets connected to Documents but not Projects.

Is it possible and what do I have to do to make this work?

Thank you!

Hello onlywolfe.

Projects and Documents are separate modules. All documents related to projects are located in the ‘In Projects’ folder. There is no integration of third-party storages (like Nextcloud in your case) in the Project module itself.
But you can go to Document module > In Projects folder > move or copy necessary files to your WebDAV directory.