Connect to self-hosted Nextcloud

Good morning, everybody,

I’d like to connect OnlyOffice Desktop Editors to my self-hosted Nextcloud. What happens is as follows:

  • I choose “Connect to cloud” (in German “Verbindung zur Cloud”) and select Nextcloud

  • I then type my URL and choose Connect (in German “Zusammenarbeit”)

  • OnlyOffice then opens a new Register-Card with a Browser-window and I’m prompted to give my user name and password - The browser window displays the Nextcloud dashboard and not as I read the files folder

  • If I then navigate to the files folder and click on a document, the document will be opened by nextcloud office and not by my local OnlyOffice

  • After I closed the window OnlyOffice keeps forgetting the connection.

I think the Idea was something different, wasn’t it. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks an regards


hey @Dimpflmoser :wave:

Connecting to Nextcloud is a regular connection, similar to what you would do in a browser. It’s not WebDAV.

Please clarify this in more detail. It’s not entirely clear what you mean.

This behavior is not correct. Please provide the following information:

  • The version of the Desktop application.
  • Your OS.
  • If possible, provide a video recording demonstrating the issue.