Connect self-hosted Seafile with managed Onlyoffice

Hi, I read many post and documentation entries about connecting a self-hosted Seafile to a self-hosted OnlyOffice and using the desktop app with this setup. However, what about managed instances like the ones by OnlyOffice. How do these combinations work and do OnlyOffice connectors work in shared installations?

A more precise question to start with:
How do I configure my Seafile instance to connect to ?

Hello @fungs

A more precise question to start with:
How do I configure my Seafile instance to connect to ?

Sorry, there’s no way to integrate Seafile with Personal. The Seafile integration is possible in two scenarios:

  1. Server-based solution. This scenario implies that you have access to the back-end of your both servers to check out JWT secret\Document server link and fill out config file: OnlyOffice Integration - Seafile Admin Manual
  2. Desktop Editors. In this scenario you have access to Seafile via ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors: Connecting Desktop Editors to your Seafile server - ONLYOFFICE

Thanks for the clarification. For scenario 2 (which I tested), it seems that it is only possible if you also host an OnlyOffice instance yourself, which then boils down to scenario 1 again!

I conclude, that there is no way for me to host my data but pay for managed OnlyOffice SaaS for exclusive features? Too bad…

Document server Community edition is a free product. You can use it without any fee, please check out installation guides: Installation Guides - Docs Community Edition - ONLYOFFICE

Thanks @Alexandre, that’s what I’m going to do now: deploy my own OnlyOffice instance. I really appreciate the open source approach and the flexibility that comes with it. I’m just looking at it from the producer’s perspective and was willing to pay for the managed solution, also to support and fund the development. So it’s not only about the personal free edition, but about any managed solution. Would it be possible to link any of those to my Seafile instance?

Sorry for the late reply. Probably there’s a workaround solution. As far as I can see, Seafile v.7.1+ supports WebDAV: WebDAV extension - Seafile Admin Manual
You can try to connect Seafile via WebDAV protocol to Personal (Add account > other account).
Please let us know if you face any difficulties.

Hello, I’m new to the onlyoffice word. Awesome job for such an amazing application. I tried what you suggested to the last person about connecting to seafile. I had no issue connecting Desktop Editor to seafile, but unable to connect to the mobile app on Android. The desktop editor seems to have seafile as a selection where as the mobile app shows webdav. Any help would be appreciated. And I’m self hosting seafiles

Hello @Keith

If you have WebDAV configured for your Seafile, then you should be able to connect your Mobile App to it by selecting WebDAV option in the mobile app and entering server address, login and password. More information you can find in official Help Center:

In case WebDAV is not configured, my colleague earlier shared information on how to.

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Thanks for the info. Ill be taking a look at this