Connect OnlyOffice Groups Server to Nextcloud for Document Editing


I have successfully installed an instance of Onlyoffice GROUPS (Ubuntu 22.04). It is running well without a hitch. I have an instance of Nextcloud as well as an instance of Mattermost both of which have the relevant connector apps for Onlyoffice. Where do I get the credentials (from the Onlyoffice GROUPS CE installation) to enable me connect the two clients? It is quite clear where the local.json is located in the onlyoffice document server and how it is used for the integration. But the documentation for Groups CE is unclear how to accomplish this. Any assistance would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

Hello @digitalthreshold

First of all, keep in mind that Groups is a document storage solution so integration instructions of Document Server won’t work. You can connect your external storages to Groups over WevDAV to have your documents available in Documents module. Please see this article on how to connect third-party solution to Groups:

Alternatively, if your goal is to be able to edit documents within named solutions, then you need to use Document Server instead. All guides on how to install it you can find here:
Once Document Server is installed, you can proceed to connecting it to the Nextcloud and Mattermost storages as per their respective guides.

Thank you for the clarification. It did address my problem. Much appreciated.

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