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Connect E-Mail to Microsoft 365 with Modern Authentication

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Community Server/Control Panel version: /
Type of installation of Workspace (docker, deb/rpm, exe): docker
OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Browser version: Edge 110

I’ve installed the ONLYOFFICE Workspace Community Edition in our company and wanted to also connect the E-Mails of the users.
But as I realized it is only possible to select IMAP / POP as a connection.
Our emails are stored at MS365 and they disabled basic authentication completly.
I also tried to use an app password, but this doesn’t work either.

How can I connect my ONLYOFFICE instance with the Exchange Online from Microsoft 365?

I’m happy for every answer.

Best regards,

Hello @Man-in-Black
We know about this situation. MS team disabled Basic authentication last year, you can check out details here: Can't connect to Outlook with POP/IMAP and Modern authentication - Exchange | Microsoft Learn
We created a bug in internal tracksystem (internal number - 48931), but I’m not sure that we can do anything on our side. I believe you have to contact MS team to discuss the situation.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Thank you for the response.

I already contacted MS and they said that I need to change the login process to modern authentication. There is no other way. They also said that they announced the change back in 2020 so that every developer had enough time to change the process.
There are ways to do this with a command-line tool called Oauth2-Proxy, but its rather complicated to set up.

So I will appreciate if that feature will find its way into ONLYOFFICE soon.

Noted and added to mentioned bug. Unfortunately I cannot provide you with any timeframes or guarantees at the moment. We need some time to discuss the situation internally. If we have any news, I will update this thread.

The bigger issues is Oct 1, the basic auth is gone even if you work around it.

I really like the platform, in order to proceed I need Microsoft 365 hosted email to work.


If you’re using POP/IMAP and SMTP for an Exchange Online account in Outlook, you must enable Basic authentication for these protocols (until it’s permanently deprecated in October 1st). To do so, disable Azure Active Directory security defaults if they are enabled.

Hello @stengen
We have collected your request. Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, it seems that we can’t perform any actions on our side at the moment. However, we are still looking into it.