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ONLYOFFICE 7.0 released

Conditional formatting and table breaks the document


When using a conditional formatting with a table (named range) as the “Apply to” value (such as =Table1[Col1]) the auto-save breaks and the editor crashes (interaction with the spreadsheet is still possible, but the ruban is totally unusable, greyed-out). Saving and exiting the editor is impossible.

How to reproduce :
1 - Create a table from “insert/Table” with headers
2 - Create a conditional formatting (any type)
3 - Use a formula for the value of “Apply to” such as “Table1[Col_name]”
4 - Enjoy the crash
5 - Kill the process, no bug will persist when relauching OnlyOffice (autosave failed, so the document is still usable, even though some minutes of work could be lost)

onlyoffice-desktopeditors version 7.0.2-1 community edition (from manjaro repositories)

OS: Linux 5.15.28-1-MANJARO (with KDE)


Hello @adddd
Could you please provide us with videofile where you are reproducing the issue. I have tried to reproduce the issue, but probably I did it in the wrong way.

Peek 2022-04-11 12-53

I dont know if it’s explicit enough. At the end, the soft is unresponsive (and ends up freezing) when the autosave fires

You mentioned that “the ruban is totally unusable, greyed-out”. I didn’t notice that something greyed=out on the provided video. Could you please point me to the issue (probably mark on the screenshot)