Please take a look at my picture. The first one is a preview of the downloaded file from OnlyOffice. The second one is the original file without any changes in the middle

Hello @hanyd
Please provide us with the original file, we will check it out.

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Could you provide me with your email address

I have increased your forum level, please try to attach the file again.

测试兼容性.docx (20.3 KB)

This is my original test file, which displays the title on the second page in the local office software and on the first page in onlyOffice.

Hello @hanyd

Thank you very much for the file. We are checking the situation.
I will update this thread once any news come up.

OK , thank you

Thank you for the patience. We analyzed the file and registered a bug on decreasing paragraph spacing which causes small part of the second page to move to the first page.
Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

In what version will this error be fixed? Or is there a way to handle it?

Unfortunately, there is no estimated time available yet.

You can manually change the intervals between these lines.