Community Server - Very slow responses

Document Server version: communityserver
Type of installation: Docker
OS: Linux Debian 11
Hardware: 4 core (8 threads) CPU, 16 GB of RAM

I have a Docker version of Community Server installed on linux - Debian 11.
When Debian had access to the internet, everything was working smoothly.
Now I disabled the internet access and for some reason, everything is working
extremely slowly. It doesn’t matter if I access the server/app via browser or OnlyOffice Editors, every request takes almost 10 seconds to complete.

For example, if I just go to the initial page via browser and click on “Documents”, it takes around 10 seconds to show me my documents page. If I open a document, it takes around 10 seconds to load the document. If I switch pages, for example from “Documents” to “Projects” or “CRM” or “People”, it takes around 10 seconds to switch to that page. Literally every request (or every click) I make on the website takes that long.

I checked resource consumption and CPU usage only stays at around 20%, there’s more than enough memory left and more than enough disk space left.

I assume that the server is trying to access the web for some reason and waits for some kind of timeout, since it doesn’t have internet access.

What should I do? How do I speed this up? I can’t give it internet access for security reasons.
Server is only accessible via local network.

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We have exatly same problem in our local enviroment, where access to the Internet is blocked.

Hello @joeyoo @alesh

Sorry for the late response.

Possibly changing DNS server address for Docker will solve the issue. The NB section of this article shows DNS configuration for Docker when used in local network:

Docker specifies Google DNS servers by default. If your ONLYOFFICE Workspace server is not going to have access to the Internet, we recommend that you change the default Docker DNS address to the address of your local DNS server. To do that go to the /etc/default/docker file and change the IP address in the following line to the IP address of a DNS server in your local network:


For the RPM based operating systems like CentOS:

  1. Create the /etc/docker/daemon.json configuration file with the following contents:
{ "dns" : [ "" ] }
  1. Restart the Docker service:
sudo systemctl restart docker.service

We have same problem in our local enviroment, without access to internet.
Although we configured docker dns to our internal dns server, when access onlyoffice workspace web site, it still slow response.
We find that caused by waiting for reverse dns lookup of client ip. So, we add PTR records in our internal dns servers for clients, access the onlyoffice workspace web site become normal.

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