Comments detach from text after a while (docx)

Comments detach from text after a while (docx)

  1. I add comment to a word or several words .

  2. After a while I find that I can’t see my comment (5mins-15hours) in this document added to the word(s).

  3. I open Comments Interface and see the comment there. But the problem is that I can’t define the word(s) to which this comment added.


  1. I add comment to the word “pdf” (I can’t provide screen due to restrictions of the forum, not more than one image)
  2. I check that changes are saved
  3. I close onlyoffice
  4. I open document and comments interface
  5. I see that there is no comment attached to the word “pdf”.
  6. I see that there is the comment in comments interface but It’s detached from the word “pdf”

In addition:
I added 11 comments to different words while was testing this bug. 9 word are detached like in the example…

Document Server version:

Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe)
Browser version:

Please provide original file where comments are detached from words, but are at the same time present in comments interface


Link: Nextcloud
I am not able to provide you the full document. So I made copy and deleted part of the text and comments.
Initial document had 100+ pages and a lot of corrections and comments.
In the provided file there is a comment and part of the text to which I added the comment.

Hello, thank you for the file provided. We are currently analysing the issue, I’ll notify you as soon as there is news.

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We could not reproduce the above-mentioned behavior ourselves, so in addition we kindly ask to provide a video of issue reproduction as well (we’d also need a new file, with which you’d be reproducing the issue)