Command to start all OnlyOffice services in Linux

I have successfully installed Docspace on CentOS and prior to rebooting the server, I was able to login into the portal and successfully open a sample Word file in OnlyOffice. However, after rebooting the server, while I can still access the portal, an error occurs when I attempt to open the word file. Here is the error message shows in F12 :

Is any services not started correctly after reboot? please help, thanks a lot !

Hi @thomasts :handshake:
Let’s start by clarifying:

  • The version of CentOS.
  • The version of Docspace (most likely the latest).
  • ONLYOFFICE DocSpace from RPM packag (not docker?)

Could you provide the status of the following services:

  • docspace-api.service
  • docspace-backup-background.service
  • docspace-backup.service
  • docspace-clear-events.service
  • docspace-doceditor.service
  • docspace-files-services.service
  • docspace-files.service
  • docspace-healthchecks.service
  • docspace-login.service
  • docspace-notify.service
  • docspace-people-server.service
  • docspace-socket.service
  • docspace-ssoauth.service
  • docspace-studio-notify.service
  • docspace-studio.service

Additionally, please check the dependent services. I’ve referenced Ubuntu. However, there might be differences for CentOS.

  • systemctl status redis rabbitmq-server mysql openresty nginx

Please check if all services are running. It’s possible that some services may not have started.

systemctl | grep docspace