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Co-editing no longer working in iOS app


For some reason, collaboration (co-editing) stopped working on the iOS app. I’m logged into the self hosted community server as I was before, I can open and edit documents, but instead of live collaboration with auto-save, it now doesn’t save until I exit (when it prompts me to save), and under the collaboration menu, I see only comments when I used to see a users option as well that showed other users working on the document. It used to show the live cursor of other users, but now it does not. I tried this on multiple files stored on my account on community server, opening them on both my phone and computer simultaneously. Did something in the latest update break this, or did I somehow misconfigure something? Has anyone seen this where it just stops working without any configuration changes?

App version: 7.2 (825)
Converter: 825
Device model: iPhone 13
iOS Version: 16.0
Mode: Connect to cloud

Hello @ps_iclimbthings

Can you please specify what components did you update before this issue come up?
Additionally, please specify the versions of portal components. Go to Control Panel of the portal > Update tab > make a screenshot of this page to share.

Looking forward to your feedback.

I should have been more specific; I didn’t update community server or document server recently. I figured maybe my phone auto-installed an update to the iOS app, but I didn’t see that in the update history on my phone. Here’s the community server version I’m running:

I don’t really know why it stopped working, hoping for some assistance debugging this.

Hello @ps_iclimbthings
I would like to be involved in this case.
We’re checking described situation. We will update this post when we have something to share.

Hello @ps_iclimbthings
We found a match with known bug (internal number - 60238). We’re working on it already.
Thank you for valuable data!

This is fixed in 7.3 for me :slight_smile:

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We’re glad that update has helped you, but we’re continuing our investigation anyway in case of other users who might face the same situation. The bug is still open.