Co-editing is not loading changes in realtime


I am using OnlyOffice in combination with Nextloud on an Ubuntu Server.
I am experiencing the problem, that changes made in Co-editing mode are autosaving but not beeing shown for the other users. Just after reloading the site the changes appear.

The only thing I can see is the cursor of the other person jumping around when clicking.

Those are the results I am getting from inspecting the site:

Document Server version: 0.1.15
Connector version: 28.0.2
OS: Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS

Hello @Vesel

As I can see you are using Community Document Server app, is that correct?
If so, please note that Community Document Server is the app developed by Nextcloud team. I’m afraid we cannot guarantee stable functioning of this app and you have to contact Nextcloud with detailed description of the problem.

Please see this thread for more information: