Cloud property remove

It is possible to configure Linux or Windows Desktop Editors not to appear in the Cloud applications menu or limit it to your own document server

Hello @SoluOpen
Please clarify your idea in more detail. I just checked, Desktop Editors opens on ‘Recent files’ tab, when I am running this app.
You has written about removing or limitation of the ‘Connect to Cloud’ tab, but I’m not sure that I understand your final goal.

Hi I’m looking for something similar. We want to avoid users being able to connect to their cloud account. We want to limit users to user OnlyOffice locally only.

Hello @castroexpo

Thank you for explanation. We are checking the situation, I will update the thread once any news come up.

We have registered an enhancement to add possibility to hide the Connect to cloud button on the main screen of Desktop Editors.

It will be added in future releases of the app. Thank you for the suggestion.