[closed] How to change the label of the first variation in a custom plugin?

When creating a plugin, we can have multiple “variations”, which can be actions or views. The first variation is triggered when you click on the plugin icon in the toolbar, and the others are listed in a dropdown.

The text shown in the dropdown per variation is set in the description property, EXCEPT for the first variation. The first variation description is ignored completely and the first variation is always shown as “Start” in the dropdown.

Am I understanding it right?

Hello @str

Unfortunately, this item name cannot be changed. Since Start mirrors that same functionality as simply clicking on the plugin icon, the name of first item in the list is logically set to be “Start”.

I believe solution here is to make Start to call a window where user can choose one of your three custom variations, for instance, in a dropdown list. Respectively, when accessing dropdown list as on your screenshot (not the dropdown list from pop-up window I’ve mentioned), you will see Start button and all three custom variations.


How can I call/launch/trigger a variation from a variation window?

Sorry for the late reply.

I think I misunderstood initial information. Variations are usually used in such cases as per documentation:

  • to perform the main plugin actions;
  • to contain plugin settings;
  • to display an About window, etc.

What kind of actions your variations perform? Do I understand correctly that in your plugin you define variations as separate functionality of plugin?

This answers my original question.

I don’t know how to do that, to open the other variations from the Start variation.

If you don’t have any questions in this regard, then I guess this topic can be closed.

This question requires a bit more understanding of how do you use variations and what they do in your plugin. I have posted a question to specify some more information in my previous message: