Click one item of history data,show a unknow error

Do you want to: history open fail :thinking:

try to open my history file,
when i click history one item button,the documentserver response msg:unknow error.
windows msg:

ws msg :
my history item data is standard json of

please help me @Carl @Farkhod @Alexandre

Document Server version:
Browser version:chorm

Please reproduce the scenario and provide a screenshot from the Console tab of the browser dev tools. Also attach Document Server logs from /var/log/onlyoffice/documentserver/

I would also recommend to check how the version history handled in our integration examples:

ok,the broswer console img:

doucument server log for nginx:

doucument server log for converter:

doucument server log for dsservice:

doucument server log for metrics:

i show all the files between converter file log and metrics,all the err.log file is nothing.

Hello @votouch
If you don’t mind I will join this thread too. Please clarify the file format of your file (doc\docx) from your test. Additionally, was there any error lines in the Network tab of browser console?

i have exactly the same issue @votouch did you find solution ?

@Alexandre what do you need to analize issue ?

Hello @przygopawel
Please provide us with:

  1. Exact issue scenario (if it’s possible, record a video file or make screenshots)
  2. Document server logs (when issue is reproduced).
  3. Reproduce the issue with opened browser console (make screenshots of any error entries in ‘Console’ and ‘Browser’ tabs).


  1. Screen Recording 2023-06-05 at - Google Drive
  2. on video. Nothing in console

Hello @przygopawel
As far as I can see, you have contacted us via Zendesk on the same issue already. Please continue communication on the created ticket.