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Circular reference and values are not to be seen

In attached excel file sheet with name “PCA” has circular reference and not to be shown by only office.

As well values under column AS (row 60 to 69) are not shown

Could you please explain this behavior?

Please use Softmaker free office to open the above excel file to know the difference: Download FreeOffice free of charge

Real-Statistics-Multivariate-Examples.xlsx (688.5 KB)

Hello @MKVRC
We are checking provided file. We will update this thread when we have something to share.

Hi Alexandre,

Thanks for your response, will wait to hear from you

We found a known bug in the provided file. We are working on it already. I will update this thread when we release a fix for it.
Thank you for valuable data!

Hi Alexandre,

Thank you for your quick response and update. Hope this will be fixed soon…

Will wait to hear from you…

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