Chinese date formats are less in oform

I find Onlyoffice desktop support Chinese date format ,like YYYY/MM/DD, YYYY年MM月DD日. But in oform, the date control do not have these formats. Can you please add those Chinese date formats. In China, we also use this format, for example ‘二〇二三年七月二十日’, it is 2023/7/20. It likes YYYY年MM月DD日, but YYYY MM DD are in Chinese number:
It is better to add this format.

OS version: windows11
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

Hello @Li.fe

Can you elaborate on this? For Content Controls you indeed can change the date format manually via Content Control settings. So you want to have similar possibility with the OFORM date and time fields?

I can elaborate on this. Tell me how to do it.

I’d like to inform you that here is no need to elaborate on this anymore.
We received the same request to add Chinese date formats to the Date and Time field in Forms from other source and have registered it. I’ve added your request to this suggestion.

I just install DesktopEditors_x64 7.5, And i find date format in Data & Time form component does not change. So when do you update it?

Unfortunately, this suggestion is not implemented yet. Once I get any news in this regard, I will notify you.

thanks!it is simple,hope to get it soon.

I find at Insert tab, these is a date&time tool bar at Onlyoffice desktop. It has more Chinese format. Does date and time field in form can use that format?

Please note that via Insert tab > Date & Time you can insert the value in regular text format. Directly answering your question: yes, you can use it in Forms.

However, if you are referring to usage of this as Content Controls > Date picker field or Forms > Date & Time , then this possibility is not yet implemented but the work is currently in the process.