Chart cell reference

when creating charts in spreadsheets the data range referenced defaults to a fixed cell reference using the ‘$’. as a result, if the data range is moved or additional columns inserted it breaks the chart.

i’ve tried updating the graph to reference a table or column, and i’ve tried manually removing the ‘$’ notation. But in both cases the graph reverts to a fixed cell reference. is there a way to override this behavior?

Hello @anthony_c

Can you please make a video with demonstration of the problem? If not then provide full step-by-step scenario on how to reproduce this issue.
Also please tell us the version of Desktop Editors that you are using.

I am using for Linux.
I attempted to upload a video but the forum does not allow those file types. Is there another site I can upload to?

Note that you are using an outdated version of Desktop Editors. Please consider updating to actual version

As for the video, you can upload it to any storage and share it via external link.