Characters rotate 90 deg in Vertical Input Text Box after resizing them

Report a bug.

OS version: Windows 11 Home 23H2
App version: (x64 exe)
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

Bug description: The orientation of Japanese and Mandarin (Chinese) characters in a text box will rotate 90 degrees if you resize them.


  1. Insert a vertical input text box.

  2. Type in some Japanese or Mandarin (Chinese) characters. e.g. かわいですね

  3. Resize them.

If possible, it’d great to write a document vertically without using this text box. In the short term, it’d be awesome if this bug can be fixed.

Thank you!

Screenshots are here! I forgot to attach them earlier.
Screenshot 2024-06-24 153600

Screenshot 2024-06-24 153621

Hello @steve

Can you record a video demonstration of this issue to get better understanding of the scenario, please? It is not quite clear in which editor (document or presentation) this scenario should be performed and how exactly you are creating “vertical input text box”.

Hello Constantine,

Here is a video footage that I recorded. Hope this helps!


Thank you very much for the video, I was able to reproduce the issue. I’ve followed this scenario to our QA dept for analysis. I will keep you posted about the results.

I was informed that this issue is already registered so we have collected your report. We are already working on the solution of this issue, but, unfortunately, we do not have ETA as of now. Anyway, we will inform you once this issue is resolved.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.