Changes are recorded but the final layout is still visible

In “Final” mode you can see the layout but cannot make any changes. Then you have to remember where there are problems in the document and then fix them “blindly” in markup mode.
What we need: A mode where the changes are recorded in the background but the final layout is still visible.

hi @yves

Roughly speaking, you need a mode:
Final - all changes accepted (editing )

Am I right?

Yes. You are totally right, @Nikolas . Currently there isn´t a feature like that, is it?

Sadly, no :roll_eyes:
I like this idea too…
At the moment, we are considering the possibility of introducing this feature into the editor.

I’ve added your request to mentioned suggestion.
Thank you!

Would be awesome. We would like to use only office instead of microsoft office but our lectures do miss this feature for their daily business and in microsoft office as well as libre Office there is a feature like that.
Thank you for your quick reply and the prospect of a solution for us. it would be great to get an info as soon as this feature is available. Would it be possible?

Yes, of course :ok_hand:, I will write in this topic, but I do not promise that the feature will be implemented in the near future.