Change Web Site / Social Networks list of options

I’m hoping this is just a “ask a how-to” question otherwise it will be a suggested feature.

Community Server/Control Panel version:

Type of installation of Workspace:

OS: Debian 12.5.0

Browser version: Chrome 125.0.6422.113

Additional information:

When creating or editing a person in the CRM, there is an option to create Web Site/Social Media entries, and there is a list of “types” including Web site, Skype, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This list is hardly exhaustive and I was wondering if there’s any way to change, add, or even delete values from that list? Because honestly, who still has a MySpace or ICQ? But more importantly, it’s missing YouTube and Instagram. Plus most of these I would like to remove altogether if possible.


Hello @myministrymission

Unfortunately, at this moment there is no way to change the list of entries in the field Web Site/Social Media of contact details. We will take a closer look at your suggestion to add possibility to change that list and I will provide an update.

We have registered enhancement suggestion to add possibility to modify entries (delete, create) of the field Web Site/Social Media. It will be implemented in one of the future releases of Community Server but, unfortunately, we cannot provide ETA at the moment.

Thank you for your suggestion.