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Change ports in new installation?

Hey all -

We’re up and trying to get our new OnlyOffice installation up and running, really looking forward to getting OnlyOffice Forms set up for some of our data entry! I’ll have another post over there as to some questions I have about that feature, but right now, I’m curious about installation.

Specifically, I’m not able to install OnlyOffice on the server we want to install it on, because it’s complaining that port 443 is in use. Which is expected - it is our Nextcloud server, and we use port 443 to serve Nextcloud over HTTPS. We were HOPING to use the RPM install (my boss is still a little gun shy about using Docker - but it didn’t work with that, either!), but there don’t appear to be any command-line switches available to give different ports to anything but port 80!

…this seems a bit restrictive. I mean, yeah, we could spin up another VM to host OnlyOffice, but that’s… a hell of a use of resources for just a single application, and given the inclusion of a Docker container, makes even LESS sense. Is there a way for me to proxy these ports to DIFFERENT ones during install, and then reverse proxy to them via Apache to be served on the appropriate ports from an appropriate subdomain?


Hey @Short-Stay

  1. We strictly recommend to host Workspace on a clean server with no other applications installed and to not change any default ports.
  2. There’s no way to change ports before script running for package installation.

About the docker installation, I will write tomorrow

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  1. You can configure the ports during installation via Docker Compose

  2. For docker, there is a parameter in the script to change the port of the community server.

Parameter                               Description
-cp, --communityport              community port (default value 80)

We have additional script parameters here, please check it out: Installing server version with additional script parameters - ONLYOFFICE

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