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Change language to OnlyOffice Zimbra's Editor

Hello there, how are you?

Are Zimbra 10 using OnlyOffice as default online editor under Briefcase mail feature.

I guess this comunication is did by api, so OnlyOffice Server haven’t a administration template. Then, how can I change editors language?

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Hi @Afsilva
Describe the problem with the language in more detail

Hi @Nikolas, thanks to interact with me.

Zimbra’s in the latest version, Zimbra 10 Daffodil, cames with Onlyoffice builted in.

But, Zimbra not brings Admin interface, or an Server interface to interact with Onlyoffice to change the configurations for the OnlyOffice, only the Editor’s interface.

So, email users can open documents inside Zimbra using Onlyoffice editor, but the default language is EN-US, and we would like to set to PT-BR, for example.

I want do know if I can do this? And the way to change the language.

Hello @Afsilva

I’d like to drop few words.
It seems that the connector app for our editors has been developed by Zimbra team. In this case you should contact them with with question because we are not sure how this integration works since we didn’t participate in its development.