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Change default theme from 'dark' to 'light' on Ubuntu Server with Moodle plugin

Do you want to: Ask a how-to question
Type of installation of the Document Server: docker
OS: Ubuntu Server 22.04 (virtual machine, no desktop, only command line)
Moodle version 3.9, plugin version 4.0.1

I’ve set up an Ubuntu server with OnlyOffice Docs Community (using docker). In our school’s e-learning platform Moodle I’ve installed the OO document plugin. Everything works fine and we are excited to have document editing options embedded into our Moodle. However, the default theme (‘same as system’) is the dark theme, which does not match well with our very white Moodle-theme. Is this setting based on my Ubuntu server or on Moodle? The server is command-line only so it doesn’t really have a theme. How do I default this to light for all users?

Hey @Karel

This parameter ‘same as system’ is based on the theme of your operating system in which the browser tab is open.